At this point Dababy has become a household name, whether you’re a hip-hop fan or just someone who enjoys music, you’ve probably heard this man once or twice–with platinum-selling singles, countless features and sold-out shows across the country, Dababy is starting to become a rap-powerhouse. And his most recent entry KIRK, is just further proof that Dababy is here to stay. The moment you press play on this album, Dababy takes off. From track to track, the man barely gives you a second to catch your breath, and it’s invigorating. Dababy has a refreshing energy on each one of his tracks while still delivering hard-hitting bars.

Unlike his previous entry, Baby On Baby, released earlier this year, Dababy has almost done a complete 180° when it comes to his tone. With songs like “INTRO” and “GOSPEL” diving deeper into his personal life and well being. And even the style of beats have changed, going from almost cartoonish to more soulful-trap beats. But this switch in styles doesn’t hinder Dababy or the album at all, because KIRK definitely has some bangers. Collaborating once again with longtime producer, jetsonmade, on the songs “BOP”, “VIBEZ” and “GOSPEL” Dababy shows he can ride a beat flawlessly while still being as charming as ever.

However, KIRK probably will not receive the same amount of acclaim that Baby On Baby did, because of Dababy’s more personal tone and departure from character. Which is a shame.

Favorite Songs:

INTRO, OFF THE RIP, VIBEZ, GOSPEL (Ft. Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane & YK Osiris), iPHONE (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

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