2024 Directors

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General Manager: Zac Worth

Hi guys! My name is Zac Worth and I am Bearcast Media’s general manager. I am a fourth-year Pre-Law student majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. In my free time I’m either cooking, watching football, or with my friends. I, alongside my co-leader Luke Stone, work to bring an incredibly unique and fun opportunity to the students of UC. I hope that everyone at UC knows they can use our organization to explore their interests and create their passion projects!

Operations Manager: Luke Stone

Hey y’all, my name’s Luke & I’m a Media Production major, Criminal Justice and Music minor. I’ve been a singer and lover of music and theater from a very young age. I found a love for tech in the booth, running the sound board whenever I wasn’t on stage. Nowadays I work in the studio recording, editing and producing as well as mixing live events and local theater productions. I am excited to see all the creative works that come from our talented Bearcast members this year and am always available to help identify what is needed to make your project a success!

Sports: Preston Baker

What’s up! My name is Preston Baker, I’m a second year journalism major in the college of arts and science. I’ve been around sports my whole life, unfortunately having to watch my Detroit Tigers lose two separate World Series in that time. I started in broadcasting with baseball at 14 years old, and have since called games in seven different sports, from the high school level all the way up to professional. Outside of broadcasting I write for SB Nation, being able to cover an NCAA tournament among other things for them. I was able to be one of the main voices of Bearcast last year, including calling the conference championship and the Cotton Bowl!

Sports: Ethan Herzog

What’s up y’all? My name is Ethan Herzog, and I’m a second year studying media production at CCM! I’m a huge sports fan, and am an avid Bengals, Reds, Cyclones, FC Cincinnati, and Bearcats supporter. I have been On-Air Talent for 3 years now, for various organizations such as this one, ESPN, ESP Media, ICRC, and was the founder of the Roger Bacon Sports Network. Some of my favorite sports to announce are Football, Volleyball and Baseball, but I just love to be around sports in general. Along with Sports I am a huge music fan; anything from Johnny Cash to Megadeth, you name it chances are I probably have heard it! Some of my favorites are Green Day, Paramore, Pierce the Veil, Deftones, and a lot more. I also play a lot of video games and stream them over on twitch, and love to dedicate my time to raising money for Cincinnati Children’s via Extra Life!

Bearcast TV: Hayden Ducker

My name is Hayden Ducker and I am the Bearcast TV Director for 2023-2024! I am a Media Production major going into my second year at the wonderful University of Cincinnati. I enjoy being a silly goofball and making the people around me smile. I’m really excited to make some amazing content with Bearcast and work with some wonderful people.

Social Media: Kyra Campbell

Hi! My name is Kyra Campbell and I’m a 4th year Media Production major with a minor in Sports Media and Promotion. In my free time I enjoy going to the movies, reading and attending FC Cincinnati games. I’m super excited to grow Bearcast’s social media presence.

Social Media: Olivia Pascale

Hi! I’m Olivia Pascale and I am the Co-Social Media Director for 2023-24. I love making TikToks and fun videos. I am a part of Kesem and the Womens’ Club Ultimate Team at UC! I am a Media Production major and I really like Mio’s fried pickles.

Audio: Drew Lambert

I’m the new Audio Production Director for Bearcast for 2023-24. I am a second year Media Production major and pursuing a minor in Animation. I got my love for audio and live production running the sound board for musical theater and my church. Aside from audio, I love video games, Snapple, and all things D&D.

Journalism: Megan Benzing

Hey everyone! My name is Megan Benzing and I am Bearcast Media’s Journalism Director. I’m a 3rd year Media Production major, minoring in Marketing and Environmental Studies. Anything and everything writing is my forte, but some of my other hobbies include kayaking/other adventure activities, watching movies, and hanging with friends. This year, I’m looking for writing that YOU like to do. For instance, more editorials, opinion pieces, reviews of all kinds, even screenplays or poems if you’re interested in that. I’d love to hear about all your different writing knacks, so come talk to me anytime!

Radio: Kelan McLain

Self-proclaimed Bearcast Evangelist. I love this organization and hope to grow it to new heights and successes. I’m old school and love radio. Music is the universal language and has the ability to connect us. I grew up on radio and know it has a unique way to entertain and inform, in ways you cannot get from Spotify and Apple Music. Outside of music, I am the resident cine-file and love to talk movies. Impress me and tell me your favorite Twilight Zone episode. 🙂

Communications: Sarah Steinhaus

My name is Sarah & I am in my final year of my Communication degree with a minor in Film & Media Studies. I’m passionate about creating, and helping others see their visions come to life. I’m a dedicated cat mom & avid music lover. Bearcast has opened so many doors for me creatively, I’d recommend anyone to get involved!!

Video: Noah Anderson

Hello! My name is Noah Andersen and I am the Video Director for Bearcast Media! I love all things media! Music, gaming, and especially video! I enjoy making music videos, short films, features, and any other creative, fun content. You’ll likely see me around the CCM Production Facilities – stop and say hi! I’m looking forward to making some awesome content with you all!

Graphic Design: Juan Andrés Fernández Garcia

Hello, I’m Juan Andrés and I’m the Bearcast Design Director. I started in Bearcast as a General Body member and after joining, I began growing as a person and finding my way in more ways than I ever anticipated. Part of that growth came from talking with the Directors at the time and getting out of my comfort zone. Now, as a Director myself, I hope to help any new members grow and become the version of themselves that they want to be. If you see me at the meetings, come say hi!

Web Design: Simon Okun

Hi! I’m Simon, the Web Director for Bearcast Media. I’m a 4th year Media Production major with a minor in IT. I’m currently working towards my web development certificate as well as my animation certificate. I’m from Chicago & I like fashion and music.