2024 Podcasts

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Ramblin ‘Round Film

Host: Kiera Hawks

Bearcast members Kiera and Parth review and talk about current movies and shows

The Butterfly Effect

Host: Avery Shields

The Butterfly Effect is a podcast where our host, Kiera, discusses a new guest’s personal butterfly effect story every episode.

Hear Me Out

Host: Maddie Murphy

Hear Me Out is an awesome podcast that will discuss things that people really want to hear. With the help of her friends, Maddie talks about all the things pop culture, social media, school events, and anything else that she finds interesting and you will too! If you’re a fan of other famous podcasts, you’ll really enjoy this one.

Commuters Podcast

Host: Megan Benzing, Olivia Pascale, & Tessa Weyer

On this podcast, we will be talking about the adventures and struggles of commuting to college. The University of Cincinnati used to be a well-known commuter school, so in each episode, we will have a guest commuter come on to talk about their experiences with commuting to campus and campus life in general.

In The Weeds

Host: Aiden Harbaum & Jack Falco

Working in the food industry can be crazy. Ask any restaurant worker, and they can tell you the endless amount of stories that come from the job. Join Aiden and Jack as they discuss the wild experiences they’ve come across while on the job.