Justin Cashman | Staff Reporter

Ever since head coach Mick Cronin arrived in Cincinnati from Murray State in 2006, it is obvious he is a highly passionate person.

While soft-spoken in interviews, his voice can be distinctly heard yelling at his players and officials throughout the entire arena.

It seems as if every night he is giving the officials all that they can handle.

“I’ve tried to get ejected before,”Cronin told media members postgame.

Surprisingly, in an 82-74 win vs. South Florida on Tuesday Cronin was handed his first  ejection in his entire coaching career early in the second half.

Cronin told media members that his frustration stemmed from a missed shot clock violation that coincided with a Nysier Brooks rebound during which he was called for a foul.

“I said, ‘What?’ [To the officials] and I got T’d”, said Cronin.

Cronin proceeded to throw his hands up in the air in response to the questionable technical foul he received.

This action would be responded to by a second referee, or the first referee’s “tough guy buddy”that Cronin referred to him as, stepping in and giving Cronin the second technical that would lead to his ejection.

Stepping in for Cronin would be associate head coach Darren Savino who arrived in Cincinnati prior to the 2010-2011 season.

Cronin and Savino had worked together prior to arriving in Cincinnati, working together from 2004-2006 at Murray State.

While surprising that Cronin was ejected for the first time in his career, it will hopefully be the last with Cronin who is only seventeen wins away from 300 wins at the University of Cincinnati.

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