“Who is the greatest band in history?” This, my friends, is where I thrive. The first memory I have ever had involved listening to the Abbey Road album by The Beatles and jamming out at my grandma’s house. My walls are entirely occupied by The Beatles’ posters, and I have had “Come Together” memorized since the day I could spell my name. The Beatles are, and always have been, the greatest band in all of history… at least in my personal opinion.  Of course, I have facts to back up my accusation, although I believe the reasoning for them being the greatest band of all time lies in their music alone.

Let me start with my favorite statistic: The Beatles have sold over one billion records. Think of it like this… there are only 7.6 billion people in the world. The amount of records The Beatles have sold has almost reached the population of Earth. Another statistic that I love to mention, because it is concrete evidence that The Beatles hold a very significant record, is that they conquered the top five spots on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. This, along with a few other top positions, puts them at the most dominated chart in history. Iconic, right? The Beatles also hold 16 of the world’s 100 most successful tracks of all time according to the United World Chart, and 23 of the top 500 songs of all time according to Rolling Stone which is the most of any artist. A large percentage of the world’s greatest music is made by The Beatles. Whoa.

Half of the band is dead and their music is still alive and thriving. That alone shows a lot about the band’s popularity and greatness. The fact that a band, whose popularity peaked in the late 1960’s, is still dominating as some people would say “the greatest band of all time” is epic. My favorite fact about The Beatles is that they were once great live performers, but eventually had to stop. Why? Because the fans screamed so loudly during their performances that the band members could not hear themselves playing or singing. The ridiculously loud screaming drowned out any noises The Beatles made. That, right there, is why The Beatles are ultimately the greatest band in the history of all time. Everyone has their own opinion; this just happens to be mine. And mine just happens to be right!

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