Stranded on a desert moon, Kye has to fight an unknown enemy in order to find his way home. Dan Mor plays Kye Cortland, a mercenary on a mission to save his father from execution in during a global revolution.

Honestly, there was nothing about this movie that I enjoyed. I decided to give this movie a chance, but this was nothing more than a flop in my opinion. The plot could have been so interesting, but the way this movie was done was a fail. I felt like I was consistently in a state of chaos whether it be because of the oddly placed fight scenes or because of the illogical scene cuts. There was so much missing information that it didn’t add to the story or emphasize the message being told; it was only disorienting.


I was confused for 98% of this movie. Even the name on Netflix is different than the one on IMDb. I thought the point of this film was the struggle between opposing sides of a political revolution, but that message was completely lost and ignores during the ENTIRE movie until the last 10 minutes. It was like a tv series that gets canceled and had to wrap up 5 different storylines in one episode; it just did not work. The animation was subpar, and the characters and their relationships were underdeveloped.


This was not a Netflix original, but this film was highlighted for me to watch as a “New Release.”  I think if this movie was split in two or less time was spent on the moon setting, this movie could be better. I give this movie a 2.0. This is not something I see many people liking unless they choose to ignore all of the obvious issues.

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