Horror films are fine to watch as long as it’s just a film right? Imagine being a babysitter one night and waking up in your own horror film moments later.

In Charlotte, a doll imprisons a teenage babysitting and forces her to watch a series of terrifying short films. The girl and the doll are not very important to the story other than to change the channel between the different videos, switching to a new story. I didn’t really like this movie. It looked underdone, almost as if it was done for a school project. I don’t want to bag on this movie, but it was not very good. I cannot tell you much more about the film in terms of cast and others like that because I can’t seem to find anything on it on sites like IMDb.

I liked the concept of movie – showing multiple horror stories in one film, but the way this one was done was not very appealing. It seemed like the creators didn’t try very hard to make this. For example, to show that the doll was moving, we would see a cut to a child’s hands grabbing a remote to change that channel, but it never seemed like it fit, like the two things were supposed to be the same. Nothing seemed to make much sense. I mean, the storylines were simple and easy to understand, but they were random and not very put together. The entire time, I wanted more from the film;

I wanted to see a new story, something cool, or something scary that it made you react at least a little bit. There was none of that. Some of the stories were typical like a doll that comes to life (which was the original story as well) or something about a monster that comes out of the closet. I was unimpressed by this.

I decided to give this film 3.5/10. I really didn’t enjoy watching this. I actually stopped watching during the middle of it and had to come back to finish. Many of the actors overacted, and the stories were unrealistic and too random, even for fiction. I thought there would be something great that stood out about this film, but everything just let me down. I think that this film is an unfortunate piece put on Hulu because Hulu seems to be struggling to put good movies on its site, and this movie does not help that problem at all.

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