In a world where food is limited and overpopulation is ramped, it is illegal to have more one child. What Happened to Monday is a stunning action film about 7 identical sisters pretending to be the same woman.


In What Happened to Monday, we see a family of sisters trying to live in a world where their existence is criminal, and the crime is punishable by death. Each sister is only allowed to leave the house one day of the week: the day that corresponds to the name they were given. These 7 leading ladies with 7 completely different personalities (all played by Noomi Rapace) must look, sound, and act exactly the same in order to keep their secret which they have managed to do for over 20 years. One day, Monday, the first of the Settman sisters, goes missing, and the others must figure out why.


I thought this movie was brilliant. I might be biased because I am a twin, but I thought that it was such a creative story. In this film, we get to see the same woman expertly play 7 completely different roles all while kicking ass. Netflix blew this film out of the water for me.


This film fares at a rating of 8.0. The only reason I am not giving this movie a higher rating is because I have to be fair. There was room for improvement; some of the writing seemed to be a little different than the rest, almost blatantly incongruous. I am just glad that the writers didn’t take the easy way out and give us a perfect and highly unlikely ending. Well done Netflix; well done.

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