Hey everybody! Here’s what we covered in this week’s episode of “Tune Takeover”:

As you guys know, on Tune Takeover I play throwbacks and current singles by bands that have been around for a while and newer bands too. We listen and talk about just how much, or how little, the bands have changed over time and how they relate to each other. Each week I focus on a different genre of music, so this week we talked about some music in the pop-rock genre.

We started the first show of the semester by listening to some songs by Paramore. We talked about how they’ve developed since they started their band back in 2005 and how they had very edgy, pop-pock sound back in the day, compared to their dominantly pop sound today. Some say they have changed completely over the years, but I like to say that they’ve matured as a band and grown as people over the last decade or so. Hayley Williams’ iconic voice has carried them through a lot of drama, development, and they even got through ‘hard times’ (pun intended) when they were on the verge of breaking up. Now they’re back and rocking out just as much as ever.

After talking about Paramore for a while, we moved on to Panic! At The Disco. We talked about how they also started back in 2005 and were very popular with Paramore fans too. They have a very similar feel to their music as Paramore, but Brandon Urie brings a whole new set of cards to the table. His unique and incredible voice, along with the talent of his band mates, created an empire that has only grown stronger over the years.

Twenty-One Pilots was next on my list of music to play for the night. I’m from Columbus, so naturally I’m a big fan of their work! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them a couple times (they went to high school with some of my cousins) and they’re such great, genuine guys. Their sound is so unique and they are incredibly humble about their fame. They had their first album come out back in 2009, but they really blew up in 2013 with their album “Vessel”. They were heavily influenced by bands like Paramore and Panic! At The Disco since they grew up listening to them just like we did back in the good ole’ middle school days. Twenty-One Pilots have a global fan base now and I’m sure will continue to represent the pop-rock genre well for years to come.

The last band I covered during the show was a newer one called PVRIS. Can you guess how to pronounce that? It’s actually Paris, which I also had to look up so I at least sounded like I knew what I was talking about on my show! Their debut album came out back in 2016, but their newest album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”, has really put them on the pop-rock radar. People are saying that they’re the next Paramore, which is a HUGE compliment in my opinion! I’m excited to see where they go in the next few years. FEMALE LEADS FOR THE WIN.

So that was the first show! It was rough for sure because I’ve never done a radio show before, but I had fun and I hope you guys did too! Tune in to the takeover on Monday nights from 6-8! I’ll be seeing you guys.


-Cayleigh Kerns

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