Gaelic Storm’s boisterous brand of Celtic folk music has received thunderous responses from crowds for over twenty years. Formed in 1996 by colorful front men Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger in Santa Monica, California, Gaelic Storm has built up an immense reputation in the folk music world. Only one year after their formation the troupe was featured in the Oscar-winner, Titanic, where they performed the aptly named tune, “An Irish Party in Third Class” during the scene of an Irish party in the third class.

While the song they performed in Titanic falls on the more traditional side of their repertoire, Gaelic Storm is not afraid to break free of the mold and play around with the classic folk style. Many of their songs are like modern day limericks, telling absurdly hilarious stories about everything from punching Russell Crow in the face to the reason why there are no astronauts from Ireland. The pairing of outrageous lyrics with lively fiddle, thumping drums, flutes, and the occasional bagpipe makes their music impossibly toe tap-able.

Like any good Irish song, many of their compositions are about drinking. But even if you are a teetotaler, Gaelic Storm sucks you into their playful, drunken tunes. At their concerts they will have you singing along and raising your glass, no matter its contents. When they play crowd favorite, “Me & The Moon,” Twigger and Murphy always lead the audience in a dance (and competition) as they sing about drinking whisky all night with the moon.

Gaelic Storm puts on one of the most entertaining and engaging shows of any band around. It is obvious that Gaelic Storm has been playing music together for so long because their shows move like a well-oiled machine. Patrick Murphy could have been a stand-up comedian if he had liked. He is a true showman and knows exactly how to make the audience have the best time by interacting with members of the crowd, cracking jokes, and calling people up on stage to participate in the entertainment. Gaelic Storm gets the audience up and dancing, laughing, doing alligator arms, and pretending to race donkeys. You may think that does not sound like your cup of Irish breakfast tea, but I guarantee that by the end of one of their shows you will be dancing like a fool and loving it.

Gaelic Storm will be performing at Taft Theatre on February 24 at 8pm. For tickets or more information visit:

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