Host: Alexander Shelton

Time: Thursdays 6 – 8pm

#thetalk is a show that focuses on social issues that plague our contemporary society. My goal is to bring awareness to the intersectionalities of identities and layers of oppression and privileges. I will be having guest hosts and together we will be talking about topics that society deems to uncomfortable to talk about. I believe #thetalk is necessary to bridge communities and identities on UC’s campus and beyond. We will be exploring sexism (heterosexism and cissexism), Cisgenderism, Transphobia, Racism (Colorism), Homophobia, ableism (lookism, sizeism, ageism), Nativism, Colonialism, Classism and sooo much more!! So, tune into #thetalk Thursdays at 6 pm- 8 pm. Also, you can download our podcast and listen at your convenience! Much Love!

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