There are tons of guitar players that rock and metal lovers have looked up to for decades now: John Petrucci, Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet, Tony Iommi, David Gilmour, and too many other countless virtuosos to take into account. However, there is a new generation of guitar players that many people have not heard of, that are at least on the same technical level of most of the musicians I mentioned earlier. Here is a short list of the new Guitar Heroes you should be following:


  1. Nick Johnston

Nick Johnston is a Canadian-born rock guitar player who released his first record in 2011. Now in 2018, he has released four instrumental records, each showing continued improvement in songwriting for the sake of the song, rather than the musician.

  1. Plini

Plini is an Australian guitar player who has produced all of his EP’s and his single album, “Handmade Cities” (2016), from his bedroom studio. He has released 4 EP’s since 2013, and has garnered a lot of attention in the guitar community. Fusing together the genres of jazz and progressive metal, Plini has a very unique sound that many listeners have struggled to define.

  1. Rabea Massaad

‘Bea is a Brighton, UK-based guitar player who is the lead guitar player for his two bands Toska, a progressive metal instrumental band; and Dorje, a more traditional rock’n’roll band. Rabea has a signature baritone guitar model with Chapman Guitars, a UK-based guitar company, and has done extensive work with Victory Amplification in developing their products as well.

  1. Rob Scallon

Rob is a Chicago-based musician who can play any instrument he puts his hands on (and his YouTube channel proves it). He has released 6 albums and numerous singles released from his YouTube channel. Rob plays predominantly heavy metal or clean solo pieces, showing a wide range of musicianship. Rob also has a signature guitar with Chapman guitars, which is available in a 6-string and an 8-string.

  1. Leo Moracchioli

Leo is the head of Frog Leap Studios, his recording studio he runs from his home in Norway. Leo has filled the niche of metal covers of pop songs on YouTube, and has accumulated a following of over 2 million subscribers. Proving that he is someone to be remembered, Leo and his creative covers have won him tons and tons of fan mail, free gear, and gifts from around the world.


All of these guitar players have their own YouTube channels where you can find their music, and learn how to support them so they can continue their work. If you would like to contribute to these amazing musicians, follow them on their social media pages, and spread the word so more people can follow the new generation of Guitar Heroes.

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