Another superhero show. Some people might be delighted by this news. Others might be saying, another superhero show? Whichever side you are on, this show is worth tuning in to every Monday night at 9/8c. The show, that premiered this past Monday on Fox, is not only about mutants, which are people with enhanced abilities, but also about the love and stifle of families and relationships

From the opening scene, the show sets the tone with an action-packed cop chase of a mutant. From that point on, the action only continues from there. Two storylines also emerge from the opening scene. One storyline follows mutants that are a part of the underground mutant resistance. They help save mutants who are trying to escape from the government, specifically the Sentinel Services. The other storyline follows an average family. There are two teenagers, a mom, and a father who is a lawyer that prosecutes mutants. Both of these storylines start to slowly mix together through the first episode. Bythe end of the episode, both storylines have completely collided, making for even more unique relationships. All the comic book lovers will be thrilled to find out that they made a good amount of X-Men references. From a bar being shown as X’s Lounge to some of fan favorites comic characters, like Blink and Polaris, this show stays true to the comics. Stan Lee, comic book writer, made an appearance in this first episode like he does in all the other 20th Century Fox X-Men movies and Marvel movies. Even if you do not know a lot about the actual comic books, you would still enjoy a good storyline with unique characters.

The plot for the first episode was interesting and always kept surprising me. Each character was well developed and likable in their own ways. I personally felt like I could relate with each character in some way. The writing for the show was also fun and well-written. The only negative I had with the show was that it jumped into the comic book aspect right away. I understood the context of the show since I have seen the X-Men/Marvel movies. I feel like someone without this prior knowledge might be a little confused at first. Luckily the show went on to explain more aspects of the comic book world to the audience to inform the viewers who are watching it with no prior comic book knowledge. You will be at the edge of your seat the whole first episode, wondering what is going to happen to each character. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, making me wanting to tune in next Monday to find out what happens!

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