I will admit it first: I have watched and re-watched The Office up to six times. I know the plot, the dialogue, have fallen in love with the characters, and have the beloved piano melody that precedes every episode as my ringtone. Regardless of the many attempts to start a new series, nothing has made me excited enough to quit my The Office addiction. At least until now.

Fellow readers, you are not doomed to watch and re-watch a series because nothing seems to get you hooked enough. The End of the F****** World is here and I am here to stay with it. You should stay too.

Director Jonathan Entwistle gives a cinematic look to The End of the F****** World that was originally a comic book by Charles S. Forman. This British TV series is a dark comedy that reminds of the classic “Bonnie and Clyde”; this time though, it is James and Alyssa. These two high-school students hate pretty much everything, thus deciding to escape the world they are trapped in, and live life as they please. Of course, nothing goes quite as planned.

The Netflix series is the perfect combination of funny, dark and witty.

Regardless of these first impressions, the series has a much deeper meaning. Chronic tension based on the pain that family love can carry, self-doubt, death, etc. gives this series a pungent emotional weight. The first season is composed by eight twenty minute-long episodes, making it the perfect show to binge watch. So get your computer, your friends, your lover, buttery popcorn, and enjoy the best show that Netflix has cooked since Stranger Things.

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