*Minor Spoilers*


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was an interesting show to watch. It’s a reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it’s also from the creators or Riverdale. The show draws off of the Halloween spirit. The show also relies on some awesome visuals to be able to pull off some pretty cool supernatural scenes.

The story centers around Sabrina who is half human and half witch. While they do give time to develop some of the other characters the center of the show is Sabrina. Sabrina cares deeply about her human friends she has made, but she is thrust into the choice of becoming a witch and abandoning her friends or remaining human and leaving the witching world forever. She likes both worlds, but has to make the choice on her birthday which is coincidently Halloween.

I thought the show would center on this single choice and it would be resolved in the final episodes. It’s built up as a huge choice Sabrina has to make but is resolved very quickly in the series. However, the show follows her decision and the events that follow because of them. Now I thought this could have been handled better because the pacing made the emphasis feel misplaced. It is made out to be this climatic event, but the choice really just sets the show into motion.

This show really depends on Sabrina’s character. Because the show revolves primarily around her character it would be hard to enjoy the show if her character was bad. She is incredibly loyal to her friends, she is resourceful and very rebellious. There are plenty of times when she circumvents authority in order to help her friends.

Toward the end, Sabrina almost came across as selfish. Her attitude toward helping her friends at all cost just comes across as self-centered. She has the best intentions throughout the show, but she’s helping her friends because they are her friends instead of whether it’s the right thing to do regardless of its consequences. It also feels predictable because whenever her friends are in trouble Sabrina is always there to go against her Aunts wishes and the establishment. She will enlist whoever’s help in order to protect her friend.  Throughout the series, she challenges some clear wrongheaded ideas or practices. But there are other times where she’s only out to help her friends. And while she wouldn’t hurt an innocent person, she sees no problem with causing harm people who may deserve it because of the bad things they do, but sometimes doing what is right isn’t about whether people deserve it.

The other Characters do add interesting aspects to the show as well. She has two Aunts one that encourages Sabrina while the other is very strict and expecting her to behave like a good witch. She also has a cousin named Ambrose who helps her throughout the show. She has her friends who are throughout the series unaware that she is a witch.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has many good visuals throughout the story. I liked a lot of the shots they made. Also, they had several cool moments during a few episodes. Overall, I thought the plot and series, for the most part, was alright. There are some areas I thought it could be better, but it wasn’t terrible. The characters are pretty good, but Sabrina is the primary character that matters in this series. This Series is clearly a part 1 to the series as stated in the title.

I would rate The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as an 8. There is definitely room for improvement in this series, but it wasn’t bad. It has really good visuals and camera work. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is streaming on Netflix.

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