I’m sitting at my kitchen island, and my friend Jane is red-faced and miserable. She wipes her nose with her black and white striped shirt and gulps down her Barefoot wine. She stares at me for a moment and says, “You know, you should charge for advice. That was really helpful.” I definitely pondered asking for five dollars and thought at that moment it was probably inappropriate. Then I became slightly overconfident and exclaimed that maybe my true calling was to be a therapist.

A few years later, I still can’t decide if I should have studied psychology or if I am just more broke than I could’ve been if I started selling my advice… But I never have forgotten the idea I had been given, and I continuously wonder what might have been in the great beyond. Then I figured… I can still find out. You never know.

What if I wrote an advice column? Not to make money, (charitable donations are accepted!) but to help people out.


I started college as a songwriting and vocal performance major. Another semester of political science, and then media it was. Still, the human condition has always been incredibly intriguing to me. Why do we feel the way we do? What drives our thoughts and emotions? Why do we become so attracted to that ONE person? What causes us to facilitate change within ourselves?

I’m hoping to answer some of those questions. I’m now taking the idea Lizzy probably regrettably suggested.

So this is my “Hello, need advice?” post.

How is this going to work? I have no idea, but it will be experimental. My goal will be to publish it each Friday, answering as many questions as I can! I hope I can help guide you to

Not convinced I’m worthy? (Because there is a slight probability that I’m not) But I genuinely do believe that I am a great listener, and I think I can give my two cents about how to be confident in the world.

“That’s a Good Question.” “Ask Gray.” is an advice column written by one of your fellow Bearcats. She is truly a busybody who loves to talk and has countless opinions and is entirely too eager for a sanctioned opportunity to politely tell you what to do.  She is also a student, music lover, writer, and social media obsessed individual). To submit a question to the Ask Gray email askgrayy@gmail.com. Questions will remain 100% confidential and may be edited for length. 


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