By: Macy Mullins

Bearcast Media member, Aaron Amir, released his new EP mid 2022  as a small preview of what is yet to come of his music in 2023. As a full time business student, he also sets time aside to work on his music as much as possible outside of school. Amir does his own singing and songwriting while collaborating with other producers for the instrument production. The process of actually writing a song can take anywhere from one day to two. 

He got his start in music back in grade school, utilizing a free production studio in Walnut Hills for high school students where he created his first song. Since then he has been using websites like Amuse and Distrokid Music Production. For $35 a year Aaron is able to distribute his music on multiple streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

His EP, ‘Always Be Mine’ was released in April of 2022. Featuring 10 songs and a run time of 34 minutes. It features funky pop beats as well as smooth R&B tracks. So people will not have trouble finding a song on there that is not within their likeness. His featured single on the EP is track one, ’Cloudy Days’. 

When asked about his music inspiration Amir stated that he is influenced by all types of music. Mainly R&B, pop, hip-hop, and rock. 

“My biggest music inspiration artist wise is Michael Jackson.” Amir stated, “When you listen to his music you can hear different genres within different songs. For example ‘Beat it’ is a rock song or ‘You’re not alone’ is an R&B song. I don’t want to limit my music to just one genre.” 

Being a newer artist Amir has not received much exposure, his EP selling three albums and receiving roughly 600 streams combined on Apple Music and Spotify as of November 2022. He is excited for the new production on his future projects jokingly stating, “Let’s go crazy and shoot for 20 albums sold in 2023!”

Amir has goals of becoming an international artist in the future, his dream music venue(s) to play at being Madison Square Garden in New York City or the infamous O2 Arena in London, England. 

Over the summer Amir went to Europe on Co-op and visited multiple countries. Before leaving he had been gifted a journal from his grandmother to put down his thoughts and experiences while abroad. Experiencing the rich and diverse culture many countries had to offer, Amir wrote in it almost every day over a two month period. He would jot down song lyrics or just what he had done day by day. He credits this time in his life as very eye-opening and innovative music wise. 

If you want to listen to new music Aaron’s EP will have something just for you to enjoy. You can find his music on Spotify and Apple Music at Aaron Amir. For music updates follow his social media at @aaronamir on Instagram or @aaronamirmusic on Twitter. 

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