By: Daion Walker

Spiderman has been one of the most notable and iconic characters across all media for the past 60 years. For decades, the friendly neighborhood hero has swung himself into our hearts with his witty sense of humor and courageous feats. With the release of Insomniac’s Spiderman 2 a fresh new take on the hero emerges alongside some of his most quintessential counterparts such as MJ, Miles Morales, and Harry Osborn. With the arrival of Venom, Peter Parker and Miles Morales are put against the ultimate challenge of power, fighting to restore balance in their lives inside and outside of the mask. The game is the embodiment of why we all love Spiderman because just like Peter and Miles we search for Balance. 

The Insomniac games have provided a rich and engaging narrative, exploring not just the heroics of Spider-Man but also the personal life of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. While there are many missions filled with action-packed fight scenes and web-slinging, there are also missions where you get to play just Peter Parker or Miles. Missions where you get to roam around New York on bikes or enjoy Coney Island. In a world where individuals can fly or shoot lasers out of their eyes it’s hard to imagine ourselves in their shoes, so seeing such real stories incorporated in superhero media adds another dimension of humanity to both Peter and Miles. 

While Peter is still struggling with the loss of Aunt May and paying rent, Miles is also struggling with coming up with the topic for his college acceptance essay. Struggles that many of us may have faced in our lifetimes. But with great power comes great responsibility, and both heroes are forced to put their personal lives aside to face Venom and Kraven. Two villainous individuals with the goal of taking over New York. Insomniac’s approach humanizes the characters and delves into the struggles, responsibilities, and complexities of their dual identities. Their stories reflect the struggles and triumphs of real life, teaching valuable lessons of courage, resilience, and the importance of using one’s gifts for the greater good.  

Spider-Man, as a character, has a long-standing legacy that has transcended comics and various forms of media. In a way, we all see ourselves in Spiderman. The character of Spider-Man, whether Peter Parker or Miles Morales, embodies the idea that anyone can be a hero.  Seeing someone like us, facing similar issues, and yet being a force for good is empowering and inspiring. Insomniac creates a balanced and cohesive story that allows anyone no matter the race, creed, gender, or color to feel seen and represented in media. Spiderman 2 is now available to play on PS5. 

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