If you haven’t been watching the Netflix original series, Love, what have you been filling your time with? I honestly feel like the last month of my life has been devoted to this show. The first season was uploaded in February 2016 and the 3rd and final season was just added in the beginning of March. The show follows a lovable Gus and Mickey as they not-so-smoothly navigate and grow their new romance. It’s hilarious, relatable, and gives viewers a look at some real life tough situations. While on the surface it looks and feels like any other romantic comedy, layer after layer of complicated characters and story lines are revealed. Gus is the a-dork-able guy who seems he could do no harm, while Mickey is a strong personality who is arguably too open about her personal problems. In the beginning, it seems like they could not be more different as their relationship heads for a rollercoaster of emotions, but at other times it’s their differences that bring them closer together. Even the supporting characters have compelling storylines and personality to fill a room. The complications of the characters, weaving in and out of each other, is well put together and makes for an entertaining and thought-provoking watch.

The thing that really makes this show stand out from others is its ability to beautifully mix humor and pain. Mickey has a darker past and is made to be very unstable because of it. She has a history of alcoholism and other addictions that keep her emotions fleeting and because of it she has a hard time making lasting friendships. These deep topics are not usually found in other romantic comedies and make the story feel modern, real, and Mickey, herself approachable. The decision to include these addictions in the character feels like a big stride to break stereotypes around them and get people talking honestly.

I wont spoil the big surprise ending, but I will say I was not expecting things to turn out the way they do, meant in the best way possible. I was thoroughly invested in this show, and its characters, and I found myself rooting for them in my free time. Love is very highly recommended for a fun show that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

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