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Written by: Kenta Hagiwara

The Reds Weekly Update: 


Reds Results:  


4/7 – L (2-5) 

4/8 – L (2-3) 

4/9 – W (6-4)

4/10 – L (4-5) 

4/11 – L (6-7) 


Current Team Leaders (pre-4/12 game @Atlanta):
BA: Fraley (.357) 

HR: Vosler (3) 

RBI: Fraley, Vosler (9) 

OBP: Fraley (.472)
SLG: Steer (.600)
OPS: Fraley (1.008) 

ERA: Lodolo (1.50) 

SO: Lodolo (21) 

WHIP: Ashcraft (1.08) 


Let’s talk Nick Lodolo.  

In 2 starts, Lodolo is 1-0 with a 1.50 ERA, striking out 21 and walking 4. MLB’s current leader (pre 4/12 games) is Jacob deGrom, who’s pitched 4.2 innings more, but has also started an extra game. When Lodolo gets his third start, and if he continues his incredible form, no doubt he’ll take over the lead.  


So how did Nick Lodolo improve his game from the 2022 season? How is his ERA down from a 3.66 to 1.50? Well first, it’s only been two starts. But similarly to what I went over last week with Graham Ashcraft, he’s made some changes to his repertoire of pitches and how often he uses his pitches.  


Last season, Lodolo relied a lot on his sinker, using it 26.2% of the time. In two games, Lodolo has used it 5.6% of the time and thrown it 12 times over his first two starts. Subsequently his usage of his other three pitches has increased, with his 4-seam fastball increasing the most from 32.1% to 46%.  


Lodolo’s sinker was simply his worst of the three main pitches he threw, with opposing batters posting a .290/.292/.510 slash line against it. For those who love stats like wOBA and xSLG, the sinker was statistically the worst pitch of Lodolo’s arsenal in pretty much every major stat. So, what did Nick do with the pitch? He decided to cut down the usage of it by over 20%. And that’s paid dividends early on.  

Lodolo’s posted 1.17 WHIP is currently 29th in all of MLB, his BAA 27th, ERA 16th, and SO 8th. Statistically, he’s the ace of the Reds staff right now, even if Hunter Greene started on Opening Day. Lodolo will look to continue his great start to the season as he’s projected to start against Philadelphia (AGAIN) at home this weekend.  

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