PVRIS, the Massachusetts trio, seems to have come a long way early in their career. The band that recently toured with Muse appear to have picked up the latter’s sense of music which is evident in their newest release – All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell.

Dark, bold, sexy, and mature – The adjectives, which couldn’t be synonyms for a band who released their first album with tracks like ‘Fire’ and ‘St Patrick,’ now bear pure synonymy. PVRIS, with just their second release – All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell – have somehow managed to keep everything they put into the first record. Yet, they have accomplished the feat of adding an element of boldness and darkness in their craft, thus taking their game to a whole new level.

The Opening track, ‘Heaven’ is a powerful track that uplifts your senses and roars right in your face. The following song, ‘What’s Wrong?’ paints a gritty picture resounding with its foot-tapping synth-pop. The next tracks follow a similar path and pack a punch on similar grounds.

Well, it does get only darker from here as the album’s next track, ‘Separate’ is darker than anything they have ever done before, with lead vocalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen slithering along it in all the right ways. Probably the track would hit all the right notes at a music festival as you bid farewell to the retiring sun. And as you advance to ‘No Mercy,’ there’s no chance you will not be impressed by the album further.

All 10 tracks here bear such scars, not just a murmur but screams of pain, adding up to a staggering work of honesty, beauty, and artistic achievement. It’s hugely impressive on those terms alone… but even more so given everything

PVRIS endured in its creation. For such progress at such an early stage, the trio deserves an applaud.
PVRIS’ recent release is not your traditional rock or pop album; it’s edgy, fast, and yes, also, commercial. If you like your pop with a bit of a bite – You are in some good company!

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