Hello! My name is Paula. You may know me from a class we’ve had together; you may know my face, but have never met me; you might not know me at all. Well, if this is the case, this might be kind of awkward.

I love to write. It may be what I enjoy most doing with my free and not so free time as well. One year ago I wrote some essays for a Non-fiction class, and ever since I wrote them my perspective on life shifted. Now I know how to carry myself as a human being more than I did before, even though I am still learning.

The essays shared in this reading, podcast, or whatever you might want to call it, are like a therapy session to me. Depression, eating disorders, happy thoughts, sad thoughts and basically the cloaked state of mind that I lived in for a year. So yes, as previously mentioned, if you know me, you might know this; if you don’t, you might not want to get to know me at all. Oh well, I am going to wing it I guess. I have been wanting to share these with more people, so this is exciting!!

The writing class I wrote the two essays for felt like a group therapy, were essays of addiction, anxiety, broken hearts, and more, were shared. Apart from two very depressing essays, in this reading I also read a few poems that I have written in the past months. Poems about rain, clouds, and rugby. A wide range of topics if I might say so.

Hope you enjoy this first episode of Paula Reads!


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