Bearcast Media is an entirely student-run multimedia outlet located at the University of Cincinnati. Including an internet radio station, talented and dedicated videography and photography team, journalism team, and being the host of our annual local music festival Live on Short Vine, we aim to provide the UC community and beyond with lots of amazing content focused around music, sports, and entertainment.

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Morgan McLaughlin: General Manager

My name is Morgan McLaughlin and I am the General Manager of Bearcast Media! I am so excited to be back as GM for a second year, and more importantly to be able to meet with my team and our General Body in person this time around! I’m a senior here at UC majoring in Marketing and International Business, and this past summer I had the opportunity to take my skills and work as the marketing intern for Truly Hard Seltzer
When it comes to music and movies there are a few things you should know about me. My playlist is a lot of All Time Low and Stray Kids, and I will NEVER get tired of watching the Lord of the Rings films.


Gavin Beegan: Radio Director

Hey! I’m Gavin Beegan and I’m the Radio Director for the 2021-22 year. I’m super into music, and I’ve got a pretty wide range of tastes. I also enjoy dyeing my hair with crazy colors in my free time. This year with Bearcast, I’m looking forward to getting our live radio shows back on the air for the first time in over a year!

Kelan Sean McLain: Assistant Radio Director

Right on, brother. My name’s Kelan and I’m the Assistant Radio Director for Bearcast Media. I’m a third-year student studying in the Digital Media Collaborative program with focuses in screenwriting and directing film. I’m Bearcast’s resident film junkie and if you’ve seen and enjoy Donnie Darko, we can be friends. I’m a sucker for 1970’s fashion. Being in radio, I’m also a massive music fan. You’ll find artists like Tom Petty, Blink-182, Tool, Cake, and Angels & Airwaves in my playlist. Being a part of Bearcast is something I take great pride in, and I view everyone within Bearcast as family. My dream is to grow Bearcast Radio and restore it to the prominence of its golden years and once I leave school I want to write and direct a film that will change someone’s life.

Luke Stone: Audio Director

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Chloe Otterback: Video Director

Hello! My name is Chloe Otterback and I’m the Video Director for Bearcast Media! I’m a third-year Media Production major with a minor in Marketing.
I love creating videos! Documentaries, short films, features, music videos – send ‘em my way!
You’ll most likely find me either in the production office playing with equipment, or in the audience of some live performance here at CCM!
I am so excited to work with you all this year and make some really amazing content!

Zac Worth: Bearcast Television Director

Hey everybody! My name is Zac, and I’m Bearcast’s TV director. I’m a third year pre-law student studying journalism, political science, and legal studies. In my free time I enjoy photography, writing, and growing my vinyl collection. I’m very much looking forward to putting out some interesting content on our YouTube and website this year for y’all!

Olivia Meade: Music Director

Hey y’all! I’m Olivia and I’m a fourth year Media Production student with a certificate in Business French. I also work as an audio engineer right here at CCM! I’m a singer-songwriter, sitcom aficionado and lover all things creative. I’m so grateful to be a part of Bearcast this semester, and if you have any good music recommendations- send ‘em my way!

Hailey Bernot. Artist Relations Director

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Miles Spearman: Communications Director

I a 3rd year, studying Marketing & Music with a Minor in Media Production. I have been a trumpet player for over a decade, & absolutely love jazz and film music. I am really looking forward to sharing the awesome in-person and virtual opportunities for Bearcast students through email as the communications director!
My favorite movie: Infinity War
My Favorite Song: Industry Baby
My Favorite Book: Tuesday with Morrie
When I am not doing school work I will most likely be watching marvel movies/tv-shows or watching MCU analyses on YouTube. I am super excited to be the internal communications director.

Laura Gomes: Social Media Director

Hey everyone! I’m Laura and I’m a third-year journalism student here at UC! Born and raised in Brazil, I’m very into social media, traveling and food! You will probably find me posting polls on Bearcast’s Instagram or eating some sushi!

Preston Baker: Sports Director

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Ethan Herzog: Sports Director

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Ben Booker: Business Director

Hi, my name is Ben Booker, I’m the Business Director for Bearcast Media. I’m a second-year Finance and Real Estate student and also the External VP of the University of Cincinnati Real Estate Association. I’m really excited about all the cool content and experience we get to create this year!

Kristin Davis: Marketing Director 

Aloha, Y’all! My name’s Kristin. I’m a second-year studying both Psychology and Journalism. As a double-dipper, I have found myself somewhere in the realms of Marketing Director and Unofficial Co-Editor for our journalism team. If you ever need me, the way to my heart is an iced soy chai. Though on most days, I can be found in a library, combing through crates of records, or in the middle seat of the back row in a movie theatre with my large Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero and my strawberry Twizzlers. On good days, I’ll be found doing all three.

Max Girmann: Design Director

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**Office hours are located in 2217 Mary Emery Hall next to the radio studio.**