Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OH

Since 2010, Ohio has tried to attract the motion picture industry to film more productions in-state with a 30% return on taxes for those with a budget of $300,000 or more. Other projects that are considered for the tax credit include commercials, trailers, TV shows, documentaries, and various interactive media. Cincinnati saw a lot of productions, filmed in the city, and other parts of Southwest Ohio, especially in the past three years. These include Carol, Goat, Lady Bird, UFO, Gotti, Mercy, Donnybrook, The Old Man and the Gun, The Public, and most recently, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, starring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy. There’s a chance of an increase of productions shooting here.

That’s assuming that recent HB 525, co-sponsored by the Speaker of Ohio House of Representatives, is signed into law. Currently, the maximum amount for credits is $40 million. If the bill passes, the limit would become $100 million. The bill also would extend eligibility for the tax credit to certain live theater productions. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that these include “Broadway plays and musicals that run in Ohio for at least five weeks, with at least six performances a week,” and productions known as “adaptive versions” would too. Adaptive versions are shows that are past dress-rehearsal, but not quite ready to open in New York.

Representative Schuring of Canton is the sponsor of the bill. His vision is to build strong film and theater industries in the state of Ohio. He has high hopes, especially for Northeast Ohio. This will be true for Cleveland especially, which has already attracted film and TV productions, and is the 2nd largest theater district in the United States. This is good news for E-Media and Digital Media Collaborative majors who are looking for professional experience while in school. Many productions offer paid positions for media students in the area. What an exciting time it is to be studying film production in Ohio! This could create a future where media students can easily get a job without leaving the state.

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