Okay, we get it. You loved him and he was your knight in shining armor, we get that too. But what if that knight in shining armor doesn’t realize or, worse, doesn’t accept that you’re his ultimate princess? Hurts? Hell yes! Girl, you’re not alone. London-based alternate-pop star Dua Lipa seems to sail in the same boat as she creates waves for her track, “New Rules.” In the new video, the leggy lass struts around with a gang of gorgeous girls, trying to recover from a heartbreak. The singer-songwriter lays down the ‘new rules’ to get over a toxic ex, and we bet, these rules will actually work!

The music video, directed by Henry Schofield and filmed at the Confidante Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, offers glimpses of awe-striking beauties. Dua Lipa in her pastel-colored outfits totally owns the screen as she pledges to follow the ‘New Rules’ alongside her bunch of stunning women who are feeding sense into her brain regarding her heartbreak. And of course, why would you want to cry over a stupid ex when you’d enjoy the company of beautiful women (and flamingos)? Post spending ample amount of time getting ready in a suite, the colorfully choreographed group makes its way out to the pool for a proper girl’s night out. Ah… Yeah, summer’s here!

Ms. Lipa has three simple guidelines: 1. Don’t pick up the phone, 2. Don’t let him in again, 3. Don’t be friends with him. Done! But, we know, heartbreaks are tough and enervating. They require tons of courage, self-confidence, reassurances, and morale boosting. And that’s when friends step into the picture. “New Rules” is entirely about supporting one another and it doesn’t exclusively apply to girls. The same thing goes for guys too because no matter how many guys you may know that are mean and inhuman, men have feelings too.

The video is very aesthetically shot and captures the true emotions of a heartbroken person. Although Dua is at her best in the song, it is the message of empowerment and strength that strikes the right notes. Most songs speak about falling in love and then losing it. Sadly, hardly any track gives a practical message about getting over a beloved ex. New Rules is like a breath of fresh air which teaches you to be strong, independent, and sensible when it comes to matters of the heart.

The track marks Lipa’s seventh single off her self-titled album. The video has racked up over 57 million views on YouTube in a matter of just three weeks! It certainly declares that Dua Lipa is here to stay and how.
Feel the empowerment rushing through your spirit, gain a perspective, smile, and wear your sexy confidence – Mate, you just nailed it – New Rules to the rescue!

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