We’re about halfway through the semester, which means it’s that time of the school year when UC students are finishing up studying for midterms and starting final projects. To help make those midterms and projects a little more bearable, I came up with a list of my favorite spots on campus for studying.

  1. Stratford Heights Pavilion

This has been my go-to study spot since freshman year. To be honest, the vending machine with Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccinos is the main reason I keep coming back. The Stratford Heights Pavilion also has plenty of tables and chairs that allow many students to study at a time. It’s a comfortable space with lots of windows, which always helps me focus on my work.

  1. The German Center Old Chem

This hidden gem of a study spot is never overly crowded, making it one of the best spots to buckle down and get your homework done. The space makes you feel as if you’re actually in another country – almost like you are outside in a courtyard with its décor and bright and airy feel. It’s also very quiet, peaceful and feels a lot warmer than the rest of the building. I hate the cold so this aspect draws me in every time.

  1. Langsam Library

Although probably one of the most popular, Langsam Library is still one of my favorite study spots. In particular, level two’s private study areas are very quiet and spacious areas to spread out and get some work done. Langsam’s open 24 hours a day and with a Starbucks on the first floor your caffeine fix is always just a short walk away.

  1. Level 300 Lindner Hall

This is a spot I’ve recently discovered as one of my favorite study spots on campus. Located on the third floor of the LCB by the Economics department, this spot is quiet and offers a great atmosphere for studying. Its freeing high ceilings are one of the things I love about it. I also love the fact that Java City is nearby. Every time I go I always get their French roast coffee and California roll, and I never leave disappointed. The space also has very comfortable ergonomic office chairs, which feel great on your back after a stressful day of classes.

  1. Starbucks

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a Starbucks addiction. While it’s sometimes crowded and hard to find a seat, once you do it’s well worth the wait. Besides their amazing (and addictive) drinks and snacks, Starbucks offers comfortable chairs and booths along with friendly staff members.

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