Mr. Twin Sister enchanted the Rumba Cafe in Columbus on October 16 on their east coast tour support from Moon King.

Emerging onto a smoky stage, spotlights are fixated on the dazzling frontwoman Andrea Estella, sporting a pair of feathered wings and a silvery wig, emulating that of a mythical angel. The band, often compared to the Cocteau Twins and Portishead for their dreamy, chillwave sounds, brought in a packed house filled with dancing, free spirits admiring the magic being produced onstage.

After a jam-packed set showcasing their discography from over a decade of bandwidth as a group, the band members thanked the crowd and proceeded to hop off the stage to mingle with their fans after a feel-good performance.

Be sure to listen to Mr. Twin Sister’s most recent – and diverse – LP to date, Salt, and get lost in the jazzy beats and soothing rhythms.


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