Welcome to the inaugural episode of Movie Buddies Review Movies! Jon and Blake are buddies who like to review movies. In this series, your hosts, Jon and Blake, will take a look at some of the hottest movies in Hollywood and give their honest opinions of them. Jon is really enthusiastic and loves reviewing films, while Blake is a little more reserved and critical when it comes to giving a review. Sometimes their views on a movie differ and things get a little ugly, but they still manage to give a good review.

In this episode, in the midst of Oscar season, Jon and Blake discuss the newly Academy Award nominated film, Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele. A racially-charged, psychological thriller, Get Out was one of the top movies of 2017 that basically everyone went to see. Many believed that it changed the horror movie landscape. Jon absolutely loves the movie, but Blake is a little more critical of it, which makes Jon furious. The duo discusses the story, the acting, the meaning, and give their final thoughts on the film. When Blake gives the movie a less than stellar review, Jon takes matters into his own hands to teach Blake a lesson. 

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