Last Friday at Live on Short Vine, huge crowds attended each stage to watch the best of Cincinnati’s local music scene happen all around different venues on Short Vine, just two blocks from The University of Cincinnati’s campus.


After a successful festival, I set out to hear from the artists that made the event happen. At Ladder 19, you might have had a chance to slip into the psychedelic and dreamy landscapes created by Spooky Dreamland. With the sun shining in from the outside patio, and the beautiful melodic riffs and lazy-paced rhythmic trot, Spooky Dreamland is sure to leave you in a classic daze.


Clarke Miller, front man of Spooky Dreamland (and guitarist of Blue Chairs), highlighted some of the most memorable moments during his set at Live on Short Vine, 2017.


“I have been making music as Spooky Dreamland for 3 years,” said Miller. “I listen to a ton of music and am influenced by everything I hear, but some big influences of mine are Alex G, Pavement, Animal Collective, and Mac DeMarco.”


The illustrious riffs full of swelling melody contribute to the overall pleasant malaise in the listener’s ears. Each member of the audience wore curtains, adding a more “spooky” effect. In their darkly dream-like aesthetic that truly grants the name “Spooky Dreamland,” the low-fi indie rock influences are heard in each song. However, Miller is also a dedicated fan of the talented artists and musicians in his local community.


“The Yugos, Why?, Dawg Yawp, Cross Country, Automagik, and mr.phlyzzz are all killer Cincy artists,” said Miller. “I think LOSV had a very diverse lineup that shows a good sample of the music of UC and Cincinnati.”


In addition to playing the festival, Miller was also part of the planning team for Bearcast Media, offering him the unique experience to not only to share his music with the world, but to also facilitate a festival experience that everyone could enjoy.


“Having helped plan the festival, its a great feeling to see it all come together,” said Miller. “I was pretty busy helping set up and tear down, but I did manage to catch some bands. Death Before Disco, Pout, Watchfrogs, Sylmar, and The Interns all killed it!”


To hear Miller’s beautifully somber tunes, you can find more Spooky Dreamland tunes at his Soundcloud, here. Be sure to stay tuned for future shows and new releases. For those who are just starting out on your own local musical adventure, Miller has left you all with a little advice.


spooky1“For anyone making music, keep it up!” said Miller. “Your art has value even if you aren’t getting paid for it.”

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