“I play in a band called pout. We played LOSV at Ladder 19.”



Caroline Beller has been playing guitar for half of her life, and anyone who witnessed her set could truly get a sense of her skill and adherence to tone. Her band Pout’s set on Friday evening at Ladder 19 melted faces, and then resurrected them with the sonic complexities and a truly authentic sound.


Anyone in the audience at LOSV 2017 listening to Pout’s set could hear the influence behind the songwriting and composition of each song. However, they still stand with a unique and interesting dynamic all of their own. As a dedicated fan of the Cincinnati music scene, and a true wielder of guitar, it’s no coincidence that her music resonated with the audience.



“I’ve been playing music for my entire life,” said Beller. “I picked up the guitar at age 10 and was heavily driven by guitar-centric bands such as the Strokes, Sleater-Kinney, the Pixies—nowadays some of my favorites are Cherry Glazerr, Joyce Manor, Car Seat Headrest, and Whitney. Locally, I really dig Cross Country, Pills, and J Borroughs, among so many others. Physco, Blue Chairs, Spooky Dreamland, and Death Before Disco killed it at LOSV. Our scene blows my mind.”


pout 3The Cincinnati music scene couldn’t blow minds without bands like Pout; and those minds couldn’t be blown without the diverse audience that made their way to so many shows for LOSV 2017.


“I enjoyed playing LOSV!” said Beller. “The crowd was amazing, not just for us, but throughout the whole night, all over the place. Having good energy like that can really make a performance, and I think it did just that. Everyone there was so positive and fun to be around, it was a blast.”


Though Beller has many musical aspirations, she is also a dedicated member of Bearcast Media. As a director next year, she is committed to making sure LOSV lives up to it’s new high standards.


“Toward the end of the festival, I spent a good chunk of time hanging out outside of Taste of Belgium with several other Bearcast members and friends,” said Beller. “Just being able to bask in the success of the festival and sort of wind down together after the day was a fantastic feeling. I’ve seen LOSV only get better over the last couple years. I think each year to come will nail it even more. It’s a rich cultural experience and that’s so important for any community.”


Pout’s talented group of musicians have a bright future on their hands, with a radical LOSV appearance already paving the way for their success. Now, Beller has simple advice for anyone interested in following her face-melting footprints.


“Don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to suck at first.”


pout1(Here’s a video of one of their songs, captured by Expeditions own Zac Gaskin’s cell phone.)

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