“The vibes were good.”



Jack Tellman, drummer of Spooky Dreamland, Blue Chairs, and Death Before Disco, held the throne at Ladder 19 for three full sets last Friday at the 2017 Live on Short Vine Festival, located just two blocks from The University of Cincinnati’s Campus.


Tellman’s main project, Death Before Disco, has had quite a journey up until the current date. The band has shifted during their time together, drawing influence from turn of the century blues-rock, and sonically fuzzy psychedelia, they also claim to be fans of the local Cincinnati music scene.


“We started playing together in sixth grade, so I guess technically we’ve been playing for eight years,” said Tellman. “Over time our influences kind of shifted, starting with the White Stripes. When we got older we did more psych rock and blues. So many local artists are killer, Sylmar, Swim Team, Dawg Yawp, Cross Country, Misnomer, Spooky Dreamland, Blue Chairs, Yugos, Tangees, the list goes on.”



Ranging from the gutty distortion of blues/rock sensibilities to the grooviest of psychedelic jams, Death Before Disco left the patio at Ladder 19 feeling the best kind of wobbly, with heads bobbing up and down and feet firmly tapping the ground in unison. According to Tellman, the vibes were good. However, those vibes were only made possible by the rhythm conducted through his own hands and feet.


As for advice for future performers, Tellman leaves us with this unique idea.


“Call yourselves Free Beer so people will go to your shows.”


Death1You can listen to Death Before Disco here, and be sure to check out their set at Mad Frog on May 14th with Blue Chairs, and the Thompson House May 19th with The Interns and the Tangees.

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