“The band that I play in is called Blue Chairs and we were lucky to perform at Ladder 19.”


blue chairs 2Connor Smith, front man of Blue Chairs, wrapped up his set last Friday at Live on Short Vine. They left the audience feeling full of warmth, as his upbeat, blissful, and dreamlike jams were accompanied by gorgeous weather on the patio of Ladder 19.


Blue Chairs is Smith’s personal creation, and with the help of Jack Tellman (Death Before Disco) and Clarke Miller (Spooky Dreamland), his compositions came together perfectly. Mixing influence from across the board, Blue Chairs has a sound that will make you feel as if you are soaring amidst the clouds on a nice, warm afternoon. Lyrically, and sonically, each and every song will simply make you feel like everything is okay.


The band debuted at Live on Short Vine this year, however, the chemistry between each band member made it feel as if they were veterans to performing. Though this might have been their first show, Smith’s ode to his favorite local band during their set paid homage to their native music community.


“My favorite local band is The Yugos,” said Smith. “We covered one of their songs!”


With their first show a success, Smith is humbled by the opportunity to play at LOSV this year. Not only did he perform his riffs of pure sunshine, but he was able to see many of his own favorite local acts.


“I think LOSV is great because it gives a chance for all genres of music to show what they got,” said Smith. “Cincinnati’s local music scene was shown throughout the night, even if bands weren’t playing, they were supporting other acts. My favorite act that I got to see was Watch Frogs, they’re always something special.”


Though his music brought warmth to everyone at Ladder 19 Friday evening, it’s possible that his sizzling tunes might of heated things up just a tad hotter than usual.


“The only issue was the heat! It wasn’t bad but it sure did get spicy!”


Regardless, he was part of many bands and artists that made LOSV 2017 such a successful year. With a promising debut show, Smith delivered some tips for anyone who will be launching their own music career.


“Create whatever music YOU want,” said Smith. “There will always be people who don’t like your music but it doesn’t matter as long as your enjoying yourself and what you do.”


blue chairs 1It’s hard to believe there is anyone that isn’t a fan of Blue Chairs, but even so, that won’t stop Smith on his own musical journey. You can listen to Blue Chairs here, and be sure to keep up with them to see future shows and new music.

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