Panama born – Cincinnati – bred artist, Aaron Coleman, otherwise known as, “AC The Entity,” is dropping new music and you do not want to miss out.

This fall “AC The Entity” is releasing his next project, the concept album titled, Lost in the Details of Nothing. I got a sneak peek of this new project and I cannot wait for you all to hear these tracks.

A few of my favorite tracks off the album would be his track, “Lost,” in which he talks about working hard and being “lost in my grind.” Another one of my favorites would be his track titled, “W.S.T.F.” This track combines hip-hop and brass trumpets and I cannot get enough of the hip-hop and jazz-fusion style of this song.

Lastly, you have to check out his single, “One Time,” which has some very chill vibes, a good flow and a beat that will make you bounce.

This album has a very “street” vibe to it and I really like that. This album is raw, authentic, thought-provoking, fun, witty, and experience-driven. You can also really hear the impact and different nuances of his musical influencers like Bob Marley, Scarface, Pimp C, Nas, and Curtis Mayfield in these tracks.

This album has so much dimension and from “Intro” to “Outro” it takes you through a journey of his life experiences. This album keeps each track fresh, even including some skits to create a better picture of his words. With classic street hip-hop style combined with the sounds of urban culture, this album is a must listen.

Be sure to check out his EP Lost in the Details of Nothing, available now on Spotify and catch his live performance at Mad Frog Saturday, November 18th.

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