I am a huge fan of the Life is Strange series. I found the original Life is Strange one day when I was bored at home. At the time, I was super into finding short popular games on the Xbox store and then trying them out. And when I found Life is Strange, I thought it seemed interesting enough and I downloaded it. It was one of the few games I had done this and actually ended up liking.

Ever since I played the first game, anytime they had released anything new I would get so excited. The first time they did it was when they released a prequel to the original game, which was pretty fun. I ended up liking it, but not as much as the first one. Then they released the Life is Strange 2, with a whole set of new characters and a totally different story. At first, I was kind of nervous about the game because I really loved the original game’s characters and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to like a new set of characters as much as the first.

When the game started I was happy with the story, but then about 30 minutes or so in, the game completely changes and I didn’t even expect it. I feel like it ends up being a really weird change for the game and almost made me not want to keep playing it. But I gave it a chance and kept playing. I would say about a quarter into episode 2 was when I actually started to enjoy the game. It is boring at first, but I would admit that the story does get a bit more interesting. I think one of the things that made me like the game less was that there are a lot of weird elements that did not need to be added such as the characters dying, that just make the game less appealing overall. I really think that if they didn’t add stuff like that, I would have enjoyed the past 2 episodes much more. They have only 2 episodes of the game released at the moment.

I would say that I believe that I will keep playing the entire series. Although it was much different than the first game and changed up a lot, it still had elements that kept me interested and for the sake of this series, I would play it anyways.

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