More recently I have been particularly obsessed with the FX show Pose that just was put on Netflix. Not only is the storyline phenomenal, but the soundtrack also has a weird way of perfectly intertwining with the show and pulling at the audience’s emotions at just the right time. I was introduced to this song (and artist) on the show when one of my favorite scenes was being played out. I never thought much of it until it came on a radio I was listening to and I immediately was reminded of the scene in the show.

Kelsey Lu is (arguably) R&B singer. However, on her most recent album, Blood, she dabbles in a bit of every genre. You might recognize her from her feature on Blood Orange’s new album Angel’s Pulse. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, you can find this androgynous singer live on stage with her cello most of the time. Her latest album Blood was released in April, while the one before that Church was recorded in a church in Brooklyn, New York in 2016.

“I’m Not In Love” made its debut on her new album. The song has a weird way of collaging an ’80s love song, with a bit of psychedelic pop, and even strong hints of R&B. It opens with a heartbeat and Kelsey voice soloing over the beat. Then we are introduced to a church choir in the background which adds an amazing harmonization. This is mostly a softer song for her style of music but she does a great job keeping you entertained for the entirety of the almost 7-minute song. The subtle hint of a boy whispering “boys don’t cry” in the background towards the middle of the song gives a bit of a Frank Ocean vibe.

If you are interested in Frank Ocean or that style of music, I think you will enjoy this song; also considering she switches the song from slow to upbeat almost 3 times (similar to Frank Ocean’s “Nights”). The lyrics of the song are very real and tell a beautiful story; the battle a person not allowing themselves to be in love because of past apprehensions.  Kelsey Lu paints a gripping story with her lyrics that allows us all to feel a sort of empathy and mixed emotions about maybe our current relationships.  So go out there and get sad, appreciate Kelsey Lu’s angelic like voice, and go watch Pose on Netflix …. If you want.

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