Bearcast Media’s Live on Short Vine was an awesome success Friday evening. There were four different venues on Short Vine, all hosting live music from local bands. I’m regretting not getting into the local music scene earlier! The coolest part about this festival is that it allows you to see so many different artists in a condensed period of time. My favorite performance was from In the Pines. They just happened to be playing when I got to the Taste of Belgium and I didn’t know what to expect. They were killing it! They have classic rock energy with a more modern sound. The lead guitarist, Michael Shular, had a semi-hollow body guitar running through pedals and absolutely shredded that thing. They describe their music as “an intense cocktail of psychedelic guitar rock and R&B sensibility” which I totally got from them. It has an almost timeless sound, with some elements that remind you of more modern influences. In the Pines is a group that deserves more recognition! They expanded the band last August to include bassist Patrick Zopff, and saxophonist Graham Holthaus who also put on a great show. Everyone loves some saxophone, and it was a great addition to the sound of the band. To me, the sax adds some age to the music. It’s kind of hypnotic in a way, the sound is so rich and so expressive. You can’t help attaching your emotions to the sound, like classical, certain melodies and notes can bring up certain emotions. In the Pines does this very well with their music. Their songs are very expressive, and are all beautifully arranged. There is an almost narrative quality to them as well. There are tempo changes, key changes, different bridges, solos, they don’t keep repeating themselves. Which lends to the songs feeling more expressive and in the moment. It feels like the band members were actually expressing how they felt during a moment in time, rather than just trying to make a song that sounds good. I was super into the show until I had to start dodging a super drunk guy next to me in the crowd. He even burst through everybody and almost took out the bass player during their last song. But there is always at least one person like that a show! In the Pines is a genuine, talented group that puts on an amazing show that you will definitely enjoy. Check out their Bandcamp where they have released two EP’s, In the Pines, and Mirror of Evolution.

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