Now we enter a spicy zone, either you can handle it or lose a gallon of sweat.



If udon noodles are too thick for your taste, Neoguri could be your way to go. A spicy level of 3/6, this ramen is known for its thicker noodles in South Korea. It comes with two seasoning packets: the powder, and vegie bits. The broth is more seafood-based so if seafood isn’t your favorite this might not be your ramen. In addition to the broth, there are seaweeds in the veggie packet, so you could skip that if seaweed isn’t your favorite sea vegetable. It takes a little bit longer to cook but it can give you a nice al dente and thicker texture if it’s slightly undercooked.


INDOMIE MI GORENG: Hot & Spicy(8/10)

Spice level 2.5/6. This is also a broth-less noodle. It comes with three seasoning packets that create a nice tingle of spicy flavor to your taste buds. This has the thinnest noodles out of all the ramen that is being reviewed. By cooking the noodles for three minutes or maybe less, however you like your noodles to be al dente, you have to drain the water and add the seasoning packet. It costs around 50 cents, but the proportion of the ramen is smaller than the Maruchan ramen, so you might want to make two if you are really hungry.


*Ramen tips!!

  • When the water is boiling, put the seasoning packet (flavored powder) in first, so the noodles can cook in the brother and absorb the flavor.
  • When you microwave ramen, put the seasoning packet half way through, so the noodles can get cook with the broth and you can prevent it from getting cook unevenly.
  • Use the miscellaneous ingredients! Make a full meal with onions, peppers, spinach, eggs, sausages, asparagus (depending on what you like), mushrooms, jalapeños, carrots, etc. You can put them straight in the boiling water, but it has a better texture and flavor if you sauté them in a different pan and then put in the pot near the end.



Like the name, this is a bowl you can microwave or pour hot water into. It has all the basic flavors, but this one has Kimchi flavor with the spicy level of 3/6. Kimchi can be a new unique flavor to your taste buds but this particular ramen can ease you into the spicy cabbage flavor of kimchi. It doesn’t have a seafood scent broth like a Neoguri, but more a vegetable broth. The noodles are thin but they don’t seem to get mush or soggy if you over microwave them.


SHIN RAMEN (9.5/10)

If you can handle the spicy you should go for this one. A spicy level of 6/6, Shin ramen is the most popular ramen in Korea. It is famous for it’s spiciness. It is a little over a dollar but if you buy them in packs it’s cheaper. The broth smells like they made it by only using spicy peppers and just by smelling it could make you cough, but the noodles are not too thin and not to thick and doesn’t get too mushy. Adding an egg in it can help you lower the spicy level a bit and also add protein to your ramen. However, if you like spicy food and broth, Shin ramen can be your guilty pleasure of spicy ramen.



Now, if you thought the rest of the ramen were spicy, than you shouldn’t even read about this one. Buldak ramen is known for being the spiciest ramen of all time. Made in Korea, this ramen will make you wish you didn’t eat it, unless you can handle 8/6 spicy levels and not have to drink a gallon of milk. No joke, this ramen has “fire”(불: Bul) in its name so you already know its going to be fire on your taste buds. This will make you sweat through your eyes and nose and clear up your sinuses. This is also a broth-less ramen that gets cover in thick spicy red paste, Gochujang, a Korean pepper paste. The noodles are a little bit thicker and shaped like a linguine. I would advice that you have milk, ice cream or juice available in arms reach so you can quench the fire in your mouth.


Which one will you choose?

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