Lights, camera, action! Another new film is starting to film in the Northern Kentucky area. From Carol, to Rain Man, to Ides of March, to The Killing of a Sacred Deer, many movies have been filmed in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. The new movie that is coming to town is arriving at the perfect time, around Halloween time. The new movie is under the thriller/horror genre and it is written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. The creepy horror film is going to be called: Haunt.

Haunt is about a couple of friends that decide to go to an intense haunted house for Halloween, which turns out to go terribly wrong. The haunted house becomes deadly as things are not exactly how they seem at the haunted house. The main stars are Katie Stevens, Lauryn Alisa McClain, and Will Brittain.

The film began shooting in Covington on Monday, October 23rd at around 11 am. The film crew has been seen near 6th Street and Scott Boulevard as well as at a jazz lounge, Octave. This film is set to film for 5 weeks in the Northern Kentucky area.

You may be wondering why a film crew would choose to film in Cincinnati and not in one of the bigger cities like L.A. or New York? I say, why not? Filmmakers could film any type of film/scenery that they want in Cincinnati. Cincinnati has a city, farm areas, suburbs, large college campuses, and many more areas. There are so many locations to choose from that it is a filmmaker’s gold mine. Since Cincinnati is smaller, it is easier to get from each locations faster than when you are trying to film in a large city. Not to mention, the tax incentives in Ohio and Kentucky are fairly high compared to filming a movie in a large city.

Cincinnati is being used more and more to create films. We are a welcoming, midwest city that seems to always enjoy having films come to our city. I believe in the future, Cincinnati will become a huge location for filming movies once directors and film companies see the little gem that is the Queen City. For now, keep a look out for Haunt hitting theaters on October 5, 2018. Get some popcorn, prepared to be scared, and see if you can find the scenes that were filmed in the Northern Kentucky area! For more information on the film click here.

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