For anyone confused about what they’re doing in school or what they want to do afterwards, I’m an upcoming graduate right there with you. I never expected college to be anything like the experience I had.

I started out pursuing a professional writing degree, thinking how novels and articles weren’t exactly my forte (besides blogs like these 😉 ) but at least writing was in the ballpark of where I wanted to go. Pretty quickly, I started skipping rhetoric classes and HATED my poetry class. I realized that although I was on the right track, I needed to go way further down it…because I was far from the end.

In a meeting that was supposed to be about my half-assed papers, and how to get back on track with writing, my professor encouraged me to think about different majors (lol), and even brought up the one I settled on; Electronic Media.

When I found out there was a major that focused on writing and production for video, audio and all things media-centric, I felt really dumb. I’ve lived near Cincinnati my entire life and had no idea there were more artistic options outside of DAAP at UC. Learning this all from an English and rhetoric professor really drove home that just knowing the gist of where you want to go is all part of getting there.

Once I knew about CCM and E-Media, I had to get in. Despite my excitement, I was still clueless about what I’d want to focus on with this degree, and only knew I wanted to create. I had no history creating media content besides a few scripts I ambitiously wrote as a pre-teen, so I was mortified to interview for the program with how little I had to offer. Still, I knew I could offer a lot.

I didn’t know what the interviewers would be looking for from me, so I turned to any and everything I found interesting. I ripped out journal and notebook entries to put in my portfolio, including doodles and scripts and short videos no matter how old.

I didn’t include many writings from classes, I didn’t put in anything I wasn’t proud of, and knew I had to move along if they didn’t think my choices were something to be proud of. I remember being told I was one of two final candidates, but that creativity won me my admission.

Now, I’m leaving this major with a Bachelor’s degree, and a portfolio I’m really proud of. I’ve written, shot, produced, rolled sound, edited, and at times- acted. I’ve learned to animate rigs on applications I never thought I’d use before, and have met so many talented people through the school and in it.

Opportunities surround me, but I still don’t know exactly where to take them. What I do know is I’m getting more and more of the gist now, and eventually it won’t just be remnants of an idea. The more I’ve explored my options, the more I’ve found that interests me; which I thank UC for. I’m sure I’ll find my way soon, but for now, the journey is enough and still a great thing. If anyone else is in a similar place, know that it is for you too.

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