Marriages can be difficult. After years of being together, couples may feel like they need some new excitement and like to try new things to spice up their love lives, but it does not always end well.

Based on the Stephen King novel Gerald’s Game, we meet Jessica, a loving wife, played by Carla Gugino, trying to better her marriage with her husband, Gerald, played by Bruce Greenwood.Unfortunately, their weekend getaway turns into an unending nightmare of fears and madness when Jessica is stuck handcuffed to a bed and begins having visions.

This movie really surprised me. I was uncomfortable in the beginning watching this because they are an older couple, and even though I know that older couples have love lives, it was not something I was used to seeing. After I got out of my head about this film, it skyrocketed for me. Watching this film, you never knew what would happen next. There was threat after threat that kept you wanting to see more. You have your hopes of how things will in, but there is no way of really knowing or even guessing; all you can do is watch.

Netflix did a great job with this film. In many movies, we don’t get to see couples in older marriages; we see the lovey-dovey young couple that is dating or just got married.

We see the couples that have been married for a few years and might be having problems with their children.We don’t get to see the struggle of mature couples trying to keep their marriages alive. This film gave you an inside view of mature marriages met with the damages of trauma, secrets, and fear. I think the reason this movie was so interesting to me because it is a psychological thriller that forces you to think, and it has aspects of real-life possibilities and struggles that couples really face. I give this movie an 8.0, and I really suggest mature people of all ages to watch this movie.

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