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Game of Thrones is a massive series from HBO that has only gained more success the longer it has been out. I am among one of the newcomers to the series, starting from season one in late December and finishing all the way through season seven by mid-January. Game of Thrones was one of the few shows that I would set aside doing things on the weekends or after classes to binge a few episodes before work or my next class. This only picked up once I reached the finale of season seven, leaving me with this emptiness that wanted more from the show.

Focusing on season seven, to summarize the events and what you should look for in the upcoming season eight in April 2019 are these major events: Daenerys arrives is Westeros to claim her kingdom from Cersei, Jon meets with Daenerys and forms an alliance with her to help fight the white walkers, Arya returns to Winterfell and has tension with Sansa caused by Littlefinger (Lord Balish), Jon captures a wight beyond the wall and is saved by Daenerys, Viserion dies to the White Walkers but is resurrected by the Night King, Jon and Daenerys bring a wight to Cersei, Cersei makes a false truce with Daenerys, Jaime leaves Cersei, Jon and Daenerys fall in love, Littlefinger is executed, and Jon’s true parental heritage is found, uncovering him as a Targaryen. This is a lot of content for seven episodes and the show brings all of this content together seamlessly. I feel this season offered the most story in the shortest amount of time and kept me invested the whole way.

Season seven is the beginning of the end. So many loose ends are being brought up and leaving the viewers wondering what could happen next. Night King is closing in, Cersei is unwilling to cooperate, and Jon’s whole backstory from season one has been a lie to keep him safe. Jon’s true identity will also cause tension with him and his new lover Daenerys. Not only because they are related but also mainly because Jon is the true heir to the iron throne, something Daenerys has been seeking all seven seasons. As if there were not enough reasons to continue the show, they had to throw this curveball at the viewers. There is no other way to explain this show other than it is the most captivating show I have ever watched.

Overall, Game of Thrones is an amazing show especially with the most current season and the heavy anticipation of the final season. This show does require a lot of time to complete, about 68 hours’ worth of content, but I feel the time investment is well worth it. Never once while watching any episode did, I feel the show was boring or leading nowhere. There was never a time when I did not want to continue my adventure in the seven kingdoms. [tps_title][/tps_title]

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