Turnover, the American rock band hailing from Virginia Beach, returned to Columbus on tour of their newest release, Altogether for the first time since their 2018 tour of their third album, Good Nature.

The group performed in the historic Columbus Atheneaum Theatre on Sunday December 8th, with support from Men I Trust and Renata Zeiguer. Originally a Masonic Temple, this venue is used for wedding halls, elegant events, and more recently, rock shows.

Turnover succeeds in being dynamic in their sound, revolving around the indie persuasion while still introducing emo, rock, and dream pop into their repertoire. The common theme of it all is the idea of feel-good lyricism and creating connections with a delicate touch to even the rowdiest of their songs. Their performance was nothing less of enchanting, with Austin Getz’s velvety vocals echoing through the expansive banquet hall with a captivating light show to tie the mood together.

For fans of Foxing, Tigers Jaw, and Citizen, be sure to sit back, relax, and listen to Turnover’s newest indie-pop release.

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