Post Animal, stopped in for a haunting psychedelic show at Ace of Cups on October 29. Surrounded by headstones, plastic skeletons, and other festive Halloween decorations, one couldn’t help but give in to the monster mashing/graveyard smashing set. With the help of local Columbus band, Mungbean, channeling styles of the supernatural horror film, Carrie, the night was full of haunted delight to help gear up to the spooky holiday.

Here’s some fun background to the Chicago indie-rock group: After forming in 2014 by childhood friends Dalton Allison (Bass) and Matt Williams (guitar), the band gained mobility after selling out basement shows in their city as early as 2015, and began making national presence after one of their guitarists, Joe Keery, was casted as Steve Harrington in the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things. Though this piece of trivia did account for some attention from the public eye, I urge all listeners to let their music speak for themselves, as the Chicago Tribune once dissected Post Animal’s sound to be, “if Tame Impala listen to a lot of Black Sabbath and were signed to Elephant 6”. Their sophisticated sounds transcend the indie rock genre and take influence to psychedelic legends before their time, and sadly Joe is no longer touring with the group because of his role, but he still keeps up with his hometown boys when possible!

Be sure to check out Post Animal’s most recent release, Safe of Not – Extended Mix.

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