Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin dazzled Columbus in a sold-out show at Ace of Cups on November 14 for her 2019 album Crushing.

Julia took the stage for her first Columbus performance dressed in a retro pink prom dress she picked up earlier that day from the city’s own antique shop, Flower Child Vintage, flirting with the idea that it may make an appearance in a future music video. She comments on the tightness of the gown but perseveres, exclaiming, “Dolly Parton has worn more restricting outfits on stage, I can make it through this set!”

Julia’s music tends to follow a general theme of relationships. Whether it be romantic, familial, or internal, she has an insightful way of storytelling and explaining this phenomenon with her range of vulnerability and passion revolving around the indie-folk genre. Whether exclaiming her pain through her delicate ballad, Comfort, to belting her heart out on societal expectations in Pressure to Party, Julia captivated the crowd with her beautifully crafted words and instrumentals that we all can relate to in one way or another.

For fans of Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Fiona Apple, and other female instrumentalists of similar likeness, Julia proves to be a perfect companion to these influential women who consistently prove themselves with every song they sing.

Special thanks to Julia for reposting these photos and more importantly making her first trip to Columbus such a memorable night for us all!

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