Girlpool returned to Columbus, Ohio for the first time in 5 years at Ace of Cups for their 2019 tour for their latest release, What Chaos is Imaginary, transposing their set with old favorites, new releases, and even a surprising rendition of Shallow from A Star is Born.

The ever so evolving and maturing band consisting of Harmony Trividad and Avery Tucker have always focused on writing about revolution and maturation, and their latest album provides clear evidence of such change in expression. Prior to What Chao is Imaginary, the two-piece act performed using only their stringed instruments, but What Chaos is Imaginary deviates from their past releases by utilizing drum machines, synthesizers, and even imposes harmonies through collaborating with a string octet.

What separates Girlpool from any other modern indie group is their dedication to their craft in establishing vulnerability and the existence of discomfort in life – something we mustn’t avoid, but rather steer head-on. The two strengthen their friendship with one another in the act of songwriting, emphasizing in this chaotic world.

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