The 22-year old artist, Zolita, is making a political feminist impact in today’s music scene. As a queer woman, she creates music that is relatable to the LGBTQ+ community and isn’t afraid to use same-sex pronouns in her songs. Zolita is an activist for underrepresented communities and wants her music to include all types of people including women, LGBTQ+ and POC. In her song “Fight Like A Girl”, she wants to reclaim the historically-negative phrase to empower women instead of tearing them down. “Fighting like a girl” symbolizes the power of the mind women are capable of using, instead of physical violence. She uses other bold phrases like, “my body, my choice” that was inspired by the protests lead by women against the Trump administration’s campaign. The chants at these protests empowered Zolita to create music that could also inspire other impressionable women. She believes that it is important to have a “cult of girls” to support each other during high times or low times.

Her girl cult idea began from her song “Holy”, released in 2015, where she celebrates her queer sexuality. She explains in an interview with Popdust that “given the recent political climate, I feel incredibly lucky to have made a video that covers the idea of escaping oppression let alone embracing same-sex relationships.” The goal of her video was to teach other girls, young or old, to celebrate themselves or who they are. Zolita explains that the girl she plays in her music video for “Holy” wanted to teach “the other girls something that transcends herself and ultimately plants the seeds for further overthrow of an unjust system – and the birth of a cult of girls.”

Watch her music videos for “Holy” and “Fight Like A Girl” to understand where her witchy persona ties into music.

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