Alert to all Disney movie fans! Disney announced, towards the beginning of the school year, that they are breaking away from Netflix to start their own streaming service. They will take with them all of the Disney movies, such as High School Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia, and many more. Not only will they take their original movies and TV shows, but all Marvel and Pixar movies as well. Do not freak out too much and feel the need to watch every Disney movie on Netflix, because this break will not occur until the end of 2019. Luckily, any of the new Disney movies, that come out now and before the end of 2019, will still be available to stream on Netflix. This means that some anticipated favorites, such as Toy Story 4, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Incredibles 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and many more will be able to be watched on Netflix.

While some people still be upset by this news, it is understandable that Disney is making the switch. With all of the Disney movies and TV shows that are created, I am surprised that they haven’t made their own streaming services sooner. While I wish it would all stay on Netflix, it will be great for Disney to have all of their creations in one location while making more money. It is not known yet how much Disney’s streaming service will cost. Executive Bob Iger has claimed that Disney will create 4 to 5 original Disney movies every year. They also promised to create around 4 to 5 new Disney TV movies and TV shows every year.

I think that this switch will definitely benefit Disney and hurt Netflix a little. A good chunk of Netflix’s product will be taken away after the end of 2019 by Disney. I do, however, believe that Netflix will be fine and bounce back. Netflix keeps creating new Netflix original shows and movies all the time. I think this will be an opportunity for Netflix to create even more content. Some people say that Disney’s new streaming service will not take off. Others say the opposite and that it will hurt Netflix. However, if you are feeling or thinking about the situation, at least we will all still have plenty of time to enjoy all of our favorite Disney movies on Netflix and potentially get even more original Disney content after 2019!

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