If you would like to apply to become a director at BearCast Media click the link below. Read through the description of the position you want below before you apply.

Deadline: April 10th, 2023

    Radio Director

    • Oversee the radio and podcast team as well as be the primary manager of the organization’s streaming radio and podcast schedule
    • Work in conjunction with the Music Director and Sports Director to manage the distribution of content for which they are most responsible
    • Work with the studio department to ensure the maintenance of the radio studio
    • Responsible for running of all radio shows and podcasts, as well as training DJs
    • Promote the radio and podcast shows for interested students in and outside of general body

      Business Director

      • Work alongside our Faculty Adviser to oversee and manage the organization’s finances
      • Lead the budgeting process in consultation with the other members of the director team
      • Seek to build partnerships between BearCast Media and businesses surrounding UC’s campus
      • Assist Video Director with obtaining permission/contracts to film for local businesses and events

      Marketing Director

      • Responsible for leading a team that builds and maintains a positive image of the organization within the broader UC campus and community
      • Lead efforts to recruit new members and create at least one promotional event each month (giveaways, interactive opportunities online, etc.)
      • Work with the Social Media Director to develop new ways to promote, elevate, and share BearCast Media content
      • Collaborate with other organizations to expand reach and brand awareness

      Communications Director

      • Responsible for improving internal communication within BearCast Media
      • Create and distribute the organization’s weekly newsletter
      • Develop and maintain connections with BearCast Media Alumni as well as an alumni database
      • Take notes at all directors meetings
      • Create presentation slides for each general body meeting

      Social Media Director

      • Responsible for leading a team that manages the content that BearCast Media distributes across all their social media platforms
      • Responsible for monitoring audience engagement data across all platforms
      • Work alongside the Design Director to create promotional content
      • Share student (BearCast and non) work on our platform to elevate student artists and their voices
      • Interact with local radio stations to create relationships with them

      Audio Production Director

      • Responsible for leading a team in the creation of all short-form (PSAs, commercials, imaging) and multi-track recordings within BearCast Media
      • Assist the Audio Program Director in supporting podcast production
      • Know how to operate the studio spaces for any kind of recording
      • Conduct the audio component of the Queen City Sessions and live events
      • Responsible for maintaining and inventorying all audio equipment

      Music Director

      • Responsible for the acquisition and evaluation of all music streamed on BearCast Media
      • Establish and keep good relations with record label representatives and local/regional musicians
      • Work closely with the Program Director to structure music programming to best serve the UC campus community
      • Review music sent to us and curate playlists for on-air radio content
      • Develop innovative ideas to include music with Bearcast content


      • Responsible for leading a team that manages the overall design and upkeep of BearCast Media’s website
      • Establish and maintain a good working relationship with the support personnel of our web hosting partner
      • Work with other directors to ensure content they produce is posted on the website
      • Knowledge in WordPress enough to add new pages, content, articles, and media

      Sports Director

      • Responsible for the information and sports programming within BearCast Media
      • Oversee and evaluate a staff of announcers, photographers, and writers that cover a variety of UC sports
      • Work with the Webmaster to add new articles and posts to the BearCast Media website
      • Coverage of UC sports (this includes radio broadcasts & commentary, game photography, and written articles)

      Video Production Director

      • Responsible for leading a team that creates video content in the field for BearCast Media
      • Support the production of BearCast Media’s longest-running video program: Queen City Sessions
      • Manage the organization’s video production equipment inventory
      • Film promotional videos for local businesses or different short-form content
      • Teach and work with general body members to enhance their skills and give them hands on experience with video
      • Each semester complete a longer form project with insight from GB members

      Artist Relations Director

      • Responsible for leading a team that builds and maintains relationships with local/regional musicians
      • Help recruit artists for interviews on BearCast Media’s streaming radio station
      • Assist the Music Director in the acquisition of local/regional music
      • Recruits for performances on our video program “Queen City Sessions”
      • Work with other directors on the team to plan live music events
      • Work with the social media director to form relationships with local artists and possibly feature them in some way, shape or form on our platform

      News Director

      • Responsible for leading a team that writes articles for BearCast Media’s website
      • Serves as the primary editor of this content, which focuses on entertainment, reviews, campus life, and sports news
      • Writing, editing, and releasing fully fledged out articles and reviews, interviews
      • Establish connections with and collaborate with other journalism clubs/organizations on and around campus

      Design Director

      • Responsible for leading a team that creates graphic design content that supports the marketing, web, and social media departments of BearCast Media
      • Works closely with Social Media Director to produce graphics and content to be posted on multiple platforms
      • Experience working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as knowledge in printing stickers, posters, and other promotional items for BearCast Media and events

      Bearcast TV Director

      • Responsible for overseeing and assisting in the production of all Bearcast TV content
      • ensure that equipment is maintained for the TV studio
      • facilitate the development of new content