Tired of the same songs playing over and over again on your iPhone, local radio station, or online streaming service? Well, starting at 8pm on Tuesdays, Bearcast Media presents, Digging for Gold, a fun and entertaining radio show hosted by Colin, Will, and Ryan. Their show is aimed at introducing new music and genres to their audience. Their show recently came out with a new, wicked promotional video produced by Bearcast Media.

I had the opportunity to talk about their new video with Colin, one of the hosts, and Jesse, the director and editor for an interview. But first, check out their video!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your radio show.

Colin: Digging For Gold is a musically centered show. Our show is about exposing listeners to songs and artists that they may have never heard before. While they may not like everything that we play, our goal is that listeners can possibly find one artist or song that resonates with them, and that they may want to further pursue. Our music taste as hosts spans over many genres and time periods. We play alternative rock, indie and slacker rock, psychedelic rock, classic rock, and even a broad range of hip-hop and RnB. We include an entire segment in our show called “New Music Weekly” where talk solely about new and upcoming music. We love interacting with listeners. We frequently push them to interact with us on Facebook and Twitter, to call in to the show, and to request songs.

Q: What’s the most rewarding and challenging part about hosting a radio show?

Colin: The best part of the radio show for me is the fact that it’s a live broadcast. I love the thrill of performing in real time, because it forces you to stay focused in the moment at hand. It’s very challenging to keep listeners engaged throughout the entire two-hour broadcast. Two hours is a long time, and you really have to work hard if you want people to stay listening.

Q: What sparked this idea for the video?

Colin: I wanted to expand our show’s voice outside of our basic social media pages and the show itself, so I thought a promotional video would be a fun way to get people interested in what we do.

Jesse: I wanted to create something that was different than just a regular promotional video. Something that would highlight the comedic undertone of the show and the close relationships between the hosts. With Digging for Gold, it felt appropriate to do this by creating a promo revolving around a short narrative where Colin searches for his long sought after hosts. The ending summarizes the strong relationship between them that you will notice when listening to Colin’s show.

Q: What was the biggest challenge in creating a promotional video that doesn’t blatantly promote his show?

Jesse: It was challenging to pick through all of our ideas that we originally wanted to put in the promo without making a short film. I felt this kind of criticism from my friends when I showed them the first cut. It was way too long and it really emphasized Colin’s boredom in the studio. There were takes of him eating food, doing yoga, and even taking naps; but the imagery we finally went with fits the sound track well without it dragging on.

Q: What was your favorite part about the filming?

Colin: My favorite part about making the video was getting to act! I haven’t done a lot of acting before and even though this wasn’t much, I still had fun doing it.  It was great working with Jessie and Stephanie.

Jesse: My favorite part was definitely filming the scene when we had Colin hand out the flyers on Main Street. We had a pretty hard time trying to get the flyer to land right-side up when it was thrown in the air. We probably tried over 15 times and it seemed like every time the wind gods had it out for us and the paper would land upside down. It was a pretty laughable moment. Not to mention the looks we got from some people passing by were authentic and priceless.

Q: As the video shows, you were successful in finding cohosts, what’s it like working with Will and Ryan?

Colin: Working with Will and Ryan is cool because they bring in a lot of knowledge on music that I don’t know much about.  They know a lot more about modern hip hop and obscure artists than I do, so it’s nice having their input and opinions about the things we talk about on the show.

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