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Daredevil Season 3 starts with Mathew Murdock physically, spiritually, and mentally broken. Picking up right after the events of The Defenders, Mathew Murdock is recovering from the injuries he sustained from the battle with the Hand. Mathew Murdock only wants to be Daredevil now. He no longer thinks he should have his friends, he’s lost faith in God is a force for good, and he no longer wants to live as Mathew Murdock. Mathew has barely had any time to recover from his wounds before he learns Wilson Fisk has been released from prison after making a deal with the FBI and is placed under house arrest in a penthouse. Mathew Murdock resolves to bring Fisk down again. Wilson Fisk proves to be hard to outmaneuver though as he becomes even stronger than before. Wilson Fisk is determined to discredit Daredevil and turn the city against him by finding someone to wear the Daredevil Suit in order to frame Daredevil. Daredevil has to team up with his past friends in order to try to find a way to bring Fisk down. Daredevil Season Three has some shocking twists and great moments throughout the season.

Good Things about Daredevil Season Three

Wilson Fisk returns and brings believable stakes. Wilson Fisk feels invincible near the end of the season. During numerous occasions, the main characters are in peril and only barely escape. Wilson Fisk proves to be stronger and more ruthless than he was in his first season.

Awesome Fight Scenes. There are multiple sustained fight scenes in this Season that are really well done. As a Superhero TV Show demands action this show delivers on some great action sequences.

The Darker tone is a refreshing addition. From the start, it is clear that this Season of Daredevil is different. Mathew Murdock doesn’t feel he can rely on his friends, so he chooses to instead rely on himself. It makes Fisk’s release feel even more dangerous because Mathew is already broken by the time Fisk is released. It allows for more tension at the very start of the Season. It also makes it easier to give Mathew character development because he has to recover from not just his physical injuries, but his spiritual and mental ones as well.

Bad Things about Daredevil Season Three

Bullseye can come across as comical during some of the fight scenes. This is because Bullseye can throw anything, even basic office supplies, to deadly effect. Not only can he throw things with lethal force, but he can ricochet whatever he throws. The fight scenes can be hard to take seriously when Bullseye uses anything nearby to try to harm Daredevil. If they relied on Bullseye primarily using actual weapons it might have been easier to suspend disbelief over what was occurring. But when Bullseye uses a pen to ricochet off the walls to hit Daredevil, it just makes the fight scenes feel silly. Bullseye is still a good villain, but he could have been better if they fixed this issue.

Foggy Nelson provides a good foil to Mathew Murdock. Mathew Murdock is always questioning whether the justice system still works and whether Daredevil is needed to achieve actual justice. Foggy Nelson has unwavering faith that the system works and tries to convince Mathew Murdock that Daredevil is not needed. The problem with this relationship in Season Three is both characters have doubled down on their views. Instead of either character changing their position, it feels like the arguments between Foggy and Mathew are just retreading the same conversation from past seasons and serve no real point.


Daredevil Season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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